What Is Progressive Christianity and Is It Dangerous? There is another wave of influence in the church in America and it is dangerous and destructive to biblical Christianity. Dr. Walt Swaim takes us through the ways it is hurting the church, the Gospel and its mission. This is crucial for your faith as a follower of Jesus - listen close to be prepared to defend against it and shine the true light of Jesus to the world!

Sean McDowell interviews Progressive Christianity leader Colby Martin: https://youtu.be/BXjWhEHpxP0

Alissa Childers book on the topic is available on Amazon: “Another Gospel?: A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity” and she addresses this and other topics on her YouTube channel and audio podcast of the same.

To email questions and comments to Dr. Walter Swaim: info@TruthUnbound.org

The websites for this ministry and his new book:

The web: https://truthunbound.org/

The book: https://tobeclearbook.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Truth-Unbound-102454018533966

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